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Gypsum Concrete Underlayment

gypsum concrete over radiantSeven Hacker Industries Underlayment brands available to meet virtually any construction need:

GYP-SPAN® Radiant Underlayment - This underlayment provides even heat distribution over hydronic or electric heating floor systems.

FIRM-FILL® Gypsum Concrete Underlayment - This underlayment provides fire-resistance and sound control in multi-family applications.

FIRM-FILL® 2010 Underlayment - Use this underlayment over wood subfloors where additional surface hardness is needed.

FIRM-FILL® 3310 Underlayment - Use this underlayment when an exceptionally smooth and rock-solid surface is required.

FIRM-FILL® High Strength Underlayment - This underlayment is for use over cast-in-place or precast concrete to provide a level, crack-resistant surface.

FIRM-FILL® 4010 Underlayment - This underlayment is the economical solution for thin capping of damaged or uneven concrete.

gypsum concrete pourFIRM-FILL® CSD - This underlayment is designed for light-gauge steel frame construction with a corrugated galvanized steel deck.