Looking for an affordable concrete repair alternative that will extend the design life of damaged concrete and provide preventive maintenance for aging structures?

Solution: ABS Consulting & Troubleshooting + Training + Repair Product

FUSION-CRETE® Concrete Repair and Overlay System

Fusion-Crete® has a similar finish to normal concrete. It has superior bonding characteristics that are able to withstand freeze-thaw cycling and other forces of nature. Unlike normal concrete, Fusion-Crete® can be applied as thin as 1/16 inch and can be feathered to zero with absolute bonding and no thin section fragility. Fusion-Crete® can be applied in a number of different applications including sidewalk overlays, curb & gutter repair, step and retaining wall repair, bridge parapet walls, residential driveways, loading ramps and numerous other concrete aprons and structures.


Cracks in concrete have always posed a challenge. The quest for a solution has prompted our major advancement in the development of ABS’s Crack Repair technology, proven in numerous project sites across Alberta including crack repairs on the Taxi-way and Loading Aprons at the Calgary International Airport. ABS’s crack repair method is a non-destructive structural repair, which is intended as preventive maintenance to reduce the movement of cracks below the Fusion-Crete® Overlay System. To date, the tested surfaces (1996) have not experienced apparent reoccurrence of the original cracks below. This development has significantly influenced the concrete repair industry in Alberta.

Fusion-Crete® Curb Repair Before & After: