Sales Agent Information

We are looking for sales agents or concrete product retailers to join our Fusion-Crete® Distributors/Sales Representative network. The following geographical areas require representation:

  • Eastern Canada
  • West Coast USA
  • Southern USA
  • Internationally
To learn more please contact us.

Top 5 Benefits of being a Fusion-Crete® Sales Agent

  1. Deliver to your Clients a Proven, Sustainable and Affordable Solution for Concrete Repair, Restoration and Resurfacing.
  2. STAR Support if requested:
    • Site-specific evaluation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Alternative solutions – where required
    • Recommend the best solution
  3. Operational Support
    • Assistance in Writing Specifications
    • Training
    • Training and Operations Manuals
    • Assistance with Estimating
    • Technical and Product Support
    • Troubleshooting other concrete problems
    • Global Marketing and Local Support
    • Promotional Website
    • Website log in for suppliers, to access Marketing Materials, Newsletters, FAQ’s and Current Product Information
    • Training / Promotional DVDs
    • Technical Specifications (MSDS & Tec-Data sheets)
  4. Professional Engineering Expertise
  5. Special Agent Pricing