Fusion-Crete® 5-Minute Concrete

FUSION-CRETE® 5-MINUTE CONCRETE, a two-component magnesium/phosphate product comprised of Component “A”, Liquid Activator, and Component “B”, Dry Cement Compound, each component packaged in 5-gallon plastic pails. This product is sold either in “kit” form (which includes one 5-gallon pail of each component) or either component may be purchased separately. One kit will provide three (3) to four (4) cubic feet of material. Two (2) to three (3) parts of silica sand may be added to COMPONENT “B”, DRY CEMENT COMPOUND, prior to adding COMPONENT “A”, LIQUID ACTIVATOR.

Minimal Traffic Disruption
Technical Documentation & Product Specifications:
Fusion-Crete® 5-minute Concrete MSDS
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