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Looking for an affordable concrete repair alternative that will extend the design life of damaged concrete and provide preventive maintenance for aging structures?

Solution: ABS Consulting & Troubleshooting + Training + Renewing Product

FUSION-CRETE® Concrete Repair and Overlay System

Fusion-Crete® has a similar finish to normal concrete. It has superior bonding characteristics that are able to withstand freeze-thaw cycling and other forces of nature. Unlike normal concrete, Fusion-Crete® can be applied as thin as 1/16 inch and can be feathered to zero with absolute bonding and no thin section fragility. Fusion-Crete® can be applied in a number of different applications including sidewalk overlays, curb & gutter repair, step and retaining wall repair, bridge parapet walls, residential driveways, loading ramps and numerous other concrete aprons and structures.


Cracks in concrete have always posed a challenge. The quest for a solution has prompted our major advancement in the development of ABS’s Crack Repair technology, proven in numerous project sites across Alberta including crack repairs on the Taxi-way and Loading Aprons at the Calgary International Airport. ABS’s crack repair method is a non-destructive structural repair, which is intended as preventive maintenance to reduce the movement of cracks below the Fusion-Crete® Overlay System. To date, the tested surfaces (1996) have not experienced apparent reoccurrence of the original cracks below. This development has significantly influenced the concrete repair industry in Alberta.

Want an abrasive smoothing, grinding, and high gloss polish
on old and new concrete floors?

Solution: ABS Concrete Consulting + ABS Project Management + Application Crew (or training provided) + FGS PermaShine system

FGS PermaShine is not simply a method for protecting a concrete floor-it is a process for making any concrete floor incredibly dense, smooth and visually appealing. FGS PermaShine is the concrete equivalent of fine sanding hard wood.

The FGS PermaShine process consists of a series of abrasive smoothing steps that, when completed, produces an impressive concrete floor surface, both visually and in terms of durability. When the grinding and polishing steps are combined with the application of a compatible, liquid chemical densifier, the result is a smooth, glossy, durable and attractive concrete floor. It produces an almost mirror-like floor that is exceptionally resistant to wear, dusting, marking and abrasion.