Solution & Systems


Want to protect concrete to effectively resist freeze-thaw cycling, inhibit corrosion to embedded steel and the passage of water through concrete’s pore structure?
Want an economical solution but still provide higher quality and long-lasting cementitious results?

Solution: ABS Consulting + Protect Products

It is our experience that adding Protecrete® Concrete Protective products to the mix will provide

  • an environmentally safe chemical additive which is added at the batch plant not to the mix but rather to the mix water, where it can have the greatest positive impact on the mix to consistently create high quality concrete at a reasonable cost.
  • an environmentally safe internal waterproofing solution which, when sprayed on, deeply penetrates the concrete to preserve and protect it. The solutions last for the entire life of the concrete and are used on brand new and/or existing concrete.
  • a solution that provides breathable surface membranes or non-membrane protection for concrete and/or masonry, stucco, wood and others to protect and extend the lifespan.
  • an anti-slip solution for slippery surfaces such as marble and ceramic tile that increases the surface traction when dry and even more so when the surface is wet.