Solution & Systems


Looking for the most cost efficient method of
providing fire and sound control in building?
Looking for systems that contributes to an eco-friendly structure?

Solution: ABS Project Management + ABS Application Crew + Gypsum Concrete

Gyp-span Radiant and Firm-Fill Gypsum Concrete manufactured by Hacker Industries provides the sound resistance that is vital to comfortable living in multi-family projects; provides a one-hour fire rating in an apartment or office building; acts as an effective thermal floor mass for radiant heating floor systems and furnishes a level, solid surface for floor coverings. (All Hacker floor underlayments meet ASTM F2419; Standard Practice for the Installation of Thick Poured Gypsum Concrete Underlayments and the Preparation of the Surface to Receive Resilient Flooring.)

FIRM-FILL® Gypsum Concrete

Firm-fill Gypsum Concrete is a cementitious floor underlayment. It is a high quality product for new construction, renovation or repair. This product is proven to be the most cost efficient method of providing fire and sound control in buildings. For use over wood sub-floors in custom homes, condos and commercial buildings when additional surface hardness and compressive strength is needed.

GYP-SPAN® Radiant Gypsum Concrete

Gyp-Span Radiant Gypsum Concrete is a cementitious floor underlayment that provides the ideal thermal mass for use over hydronic or electrical radiant heating floor systems to provide even distribution of heat.

Want a smooth, level, structurally sound concrete surface?

Solution: ABS Consulting + ABS Project Management + Application Crew

Rehabilitation of existing exposed concrete floors utilizing a mechanical dust-free and water-free system. Flat grinding removal, resurfacing and polishing meeting the customer’s requirements of a structurally sound and smooth concrete surface. Rotating diamond grinding discs remove existing floor coatings or smooth out rutted or pitted concrete floor slabs. Eliminate the need to replace concrete due to curling, delaminating, uneven surfaces and unwanted and difficult surface sealers and coatings.

Upon proper floor preparation a two-coat application of a clear water-based, odorless, penetrating alkaline siliconate solution “Seal Hard” by L&M Construction Chemicals, shall be installed to seal and densify the exposed concrete surface. Additional grinding steps shall be required to polish the surface from a satin finish to a marble-like luster.

Alternatively with the application of penetrating color sealers followed by the polishing process enhances the look of original concrete to providing aesthetically appealing concrete floors will minimal maintenance requirements.