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Wanting to provide a stronger, safer, quieter, energy efficient and environmentally friendlier residence, commercial or industrial building?

Solution: ABS Consulting + ABS Project Management + Products

IntegraSpec® systems — Green Approved

Insulating Concrete Forms offer quality, comfort, and savings as an alternate to conventional concrete forming and 2 X 6 construction walls. IntegraSpec®® is an Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) consisting of 2 panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS) married with high impact polystyrene inserts used to hold patented webs/spacers designed to secure rebar as needed.

Once stacked together, these forms represent a mold ready for concrete placement, similar to a traditionally poured concrete wall; however,

ICF forms never leave the concrete providing a multitude of tasks:

  • Structural Support: (Concrete & Steel)
  • Super Insulation: (EPS panels & Thermal Mass, 40+ R- Performance)
  • Strapping/Furring: (1 5/8” Spacers at 8″ on center)
  • Air/Vapor Barrier: (Low permeate EPS in continuous contact with concrete)
  • Finishing Substrate: (Single material EPS Type II)

The Following Systems Are Also Green Approved:

  • Hacker Industries — Gyp-Span Radiant
  • L&M Construction — Chemicals FGS PermaShine