ABS Services

Services Overview

ABS’s vision is to provide:

  • innovative next generation integrated solutions for clients that will save them time, money, and reduce waste
  • clients with a sustainable and economic groupings of solutions (product + system)
  • viable alternatives that will resolve fundamental concrete problems and produce long-term positive results
  • ‘next generation’ experts to help in the area of engineer-assisted concrete applications

Call ABS and we will work with you and for you for in the following areas:


You have a concrete issue and you are not sure of the solution, or a client has a specific concrete repair or finish request and you are not sure how to meet your clients needs.

  • We will provide training and tech expertise that will help you make money
  • We will provide on-site assessments, engineering reports , engineered recommendations and assist with bidding processes

Project Management

You are presented with a specific client request that you do not have the concrete expertise to manage or asked to provide a referral.

  • We will manage a construction project or a specific application for you.

Product Sales

You are looking for a specific product to solve a concrete problem, or finish a floor, or renew old concrete.

  • We will take the time to help you determine the ‘best of breed product you require to complete the job, on time, on budget with quality results.

Application Crew

ABS has a highly trained application crew to complete Gypsum Concrete projects, IntegraSpec® ICF construction, and all the other systems we promote.

Contractor Referral Service

ABS will refer highly qualified sub-trades to complete the various systems.

If you would like to discuss the ways ABS’s service can meet your specific project requirements, please contact us.