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Calgary International Airport – New Arrivals Concourse Rejuvenation Project

The Calgary International Airport undertook the daunting task of replacing the flooring in the New Arrivals Concourse. EllisDon was contracted to oversee the project and ABS Concrete Systems Ltd. was able to subcontract and become a part of this exciting project.

When a senior employee from ABS Concrete Systems Ltd, arrived at the job site the old tile flooring had been removed. This left behind large amounts of dried adhesive, layers of concrete sealant, and also revealed undulations in the concrete itself. To repair the undulations and remove the adhesive using conventional means could have been very costly. A cost that the flooring subcontractor was not looking forward to! Instead over a three week period, working nights to minimize disruption, An ABS crew worked on the floor using the HTC 800 grinder.

The crew liked working with the grinder, they describe it as “user friendly with a high production capability”. “It takes all of the guess work out of leveling or straightening a floor,” stated the Foreman.

The floor required leveling and abrading to prepare it for the new flooring material; a bold, hard-wearing tile. Using the HTC 800 grinder the goals were accomplished and the floor was ready for installation of the decorative tiles without any further preparation.

If conventional methods had been used on the job, it would have been floated, which would have been both labor intensive and time consuming. The machine was used for approximately three weeks of nightshifts to level the floor and provide a surface prepared for maximum bond with the new surface material. Floating the floor may have taken at least twice as long or longer.

The Project Manager with EllisDon for the New Arrivals Concourse Rejuvenation Project, Craig Dummer, was both pleased and impressed with the process. A total area of 32,000 square feet was completed and “it was all on a dustless, HEPA vacuum system. It was a clean and quiet operation which was extremely important as we were working in a public area.” He was also very satisfied with the finish that the grinding produced saying that “it is not at all like the conventional methods of removal like shot blasting, sand blasting or hand chipping which can compromise the integrity of the floor.”

The use of the HTC 800 helped reduce costs on the project without compromising the timelines in any way. In fact, the work was completed in less time than any conventional methods would have taken.

The use of the HTC 800 grinder left the flooring subcontractor with a concrete surface ready for the installation of the tile flooring and the Calgary International Airport one step closer to welcoming visitors to the city.

BEFORE: An uneven surface covered in adhesive from the removal of a previous floor tile.
BEFORE: An uneven surface covered in adhesive from the removal of a previous floor tile.
AFTER: The same floor after work with the HTC 800 grinder is completed. The floor is level and ready to accept the new decorative tile at a fraction of the cost of conventional preparation methods.
AFTER: The same floor after work