Introducing ABS Concrete Systems Ltd. FGS PermaShine Fusion-Crete: Before & After - Curb Repair Gypsum Radiant - Tubes Placed & Gypsum Pour Gypsum Radiant - Final Product IntegraSpec Construction Before & After Fusion-Crete: Before & After - Driveway Resurfacing Fusion-Crete: Before & After - Stairway Repair


  • Protecrete® products - conditions, waterproofs, densifies and improves overall quality
  • Sealers - waterproofs, dust-free, resistant, low maintenance for concrete surfaces
  • FGS PermaShine is the new face of concrete

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Stylish and structurally beneficial. Improve fire-proofing, sound barrier, smooth finish, compressive strength and be stylishly unique.


Aging concrete will crack, deteriorate, spall, and stain. New concrete if not applied appropriately or protected will require attention. Repairing and restoring concrete is a environmentally beneficial solution for the next generation.

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ABS offers a next generation of systems, services, and products that protect, enhance, and renew concrete construction

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Case Study:
FGS PermaShine® completed by ABS in
Canada's first LEEDs Gold accredited building

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